Sarah's Siamese

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  Kittens & Cats for sale

A lot of my litters are sold before I can advertise them. It is always worth checking with me to see if I have any kittens available. You can often see if I have any in the “Litters” tab..

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All kittens now gone to their new homes...lucky boys and girls.

Next litter due in January 2018 Layla (Blue Tabby) and Duke (Seal Point) 

Some Of My Past Litters

  1. Layla
    One of Jesses kittens that I kept
  2. Blue & Choc tabby
    Blue & Choc tabby
    The waiting list is growing for the next litter
  3. Having a play fight
    Having a play fight
    Kittens at play
  4. Hello, who are you?
    Hello, who are you?
    Early days just after opening their eyes
  5. Peek-a-boo
    More kittens sold before I could advertise them
  6. Affectionatly know as the "Fearless Five"
    Affectionatly know as the "Fearless Five"
    This was Shadows first and only litter.
  7. Kittens
    Gone to their new homes
  8. Six in this litter !
    Six in this litter !
    These kittens were into everything!
  9. Rose (just after house move)
    Rose (just after house move)
    5 kittens this time but Mum was in complete charge
  10. Harry
    One of Rose's five kittens (Named after One Direction) Harry turned out to be a character
  11. Bella
    She turned into an absolutely stunning cat. Wish I had kept her!
  12. Jessie (last litter)
    Jessie (last litter)
    Six kittens all lovely. Jessie is an outstanding mum who does it all!
  13. Small Litter
    Small Litter
    "Snickers and Ripple" Well they were chocolate!
  14. We are coming well maybe later !
    We are coming well maybe later !
    Quite a few tabby points