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A lot of my litters are sold before I can advertise them. It is always worth checking with me to see if I have any kittens available. You can see if I have any in the “Current Litters” tab.

      All kittens are now reserved

I have another litter due May
Dad-Duke (Seal Piont) Mum - Nikita(Choc Point)

Pictures in "Current Kittens" of reserved litter

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About Me
Sarahs-Siamese (Prefix "Baileykins")
My name is Sarah and I live in the Bedfordshire country side.

​I have always had cats of various breeds and some good old moggies!

I was introduced to Siamese many years ago and fell in love with the breed. The looks and character are all things I have never seen in other cats. Their personality traits make them all so individual and special. If you have never had a Siamese cat you are in for a treat there is no other cat like them!
I also have Milo who is a Siamese cross (He is not cross he is very friendly) he roams free and is in charge of pest control.  I also have horses in the field behind the cat quarters so Milo works hard keeping the wild life in check. (Meet Milo on bottom of the "Home" page)

I sell my kittens GCCF registered on the non-active register. I consider myself to be an ethical breeder. I always let my queens recover before breeding normally 9-12 months. I will NOT breed genetically so close to gain a desired look or point! All my cats are my pets and I know and love each and every one.
Feel free to visit me I encourage people to go and meet breeders they are considering purchasing from. I hear many horror stories from second time adopters - often heart breaking!.

 This is where my studs live and the girls visit.

The pens are fully insulated and have individual thermostatically controlled under floor heating which maintains the sleeping quarters at a constant temperature. It is nice and toastie in there. The sleeping quarters have a sleeping house equipped with blankets and other soft furnishings. Dry and wet food is placed in this area to stop contamination from flies and the like. The sleeping quarters are attached to a covered run with scratching posts, shelves, baskets, toys, litter trays etc. This allows for a dry area on rainy days and shade during the hot months. This then leads to a large paved open area which has high level perches and an outdoor litter area in here the cat can run, climb, chase or just sun themselves. Each run has 240v power, motion and switched lighting and CCTV....well that’s for me!

There are four houses and an isolation/mating area.

My kittens are often adopted before I get a chance to advertise them but when I do advertise I only show what is available. I do not keep my adverts on line or advertise what I do not have.

My studs are now available to visiting queens. There are T&C and you will need to get your vet to provide some documentation - call for more info.


My Cats
  1. Mrs Blue Bell {Blue Point)
    Mrs Blue Bell {Blue Point)
    Sadly no longer with us. A companion to Bailey and missed by us all.
  2. Mr Duke (Of Earl) {Seal Point}
    Mr Duke (Of Earl) {Seal Point}
    Duke has taken over - he has an eye for the girls.
  3. Mrs Nikita {Chocolate Point}
    Mrs Nikita {Chocolate Point}
    Nikita is a bit of a purr box
  4. Mr Spaceman
    Mr Spaceman
    This is a spaceman and NOT a Siamese cat.
  5. Kool Kat
    Kool Kat
    This was done in photo shop and no cat was harmed during the mock up of this picture
  6. Mrs Babushka {Seal Point}
    Mrs Babushka {Seal Point}
    Babushka is a lively girl who is always up to mischief possibly the most affectionate cat ever!
  7. Mr Bailey {Chocolate Point}
    Mr Bailey {Chocolate Point}
    Bailey is my oldest cat he has a very relaxed nature. He is now retired and living on my bed.
  8. Mrs Jessie {Blue Point}
    Mrs Jessie {Blue Point}
    Jessie is a proven queen she just loves sitting on your shoulder and chatting.
  9. Mr Neo {Chocolate Tabby}
    Mr Neo {Chocolate Tabby}
    NEO - One of my studs Neo is a very laid back boy who loves his cuddles.
  10. Mrs Lucy Lou {Seal Point}
    Mrs Lucy Lou {Seal Point}
    What a handful she is everywhere and in everything
  11. Mrs Layla {Blue Tabby
    Mrs Layla {Blue Tabby
    Daughter of Neo & Jess ........ she is lovely
  12. Buddy (Not a cat he is a dog)
    Buddy (Not a cat he is a dog)
    Buddy and Rio work as a team to steal treats
  13. Mrs Rio - Seal Point
    Mrs Rio - Seal Point
    Twin with Roxy and Buddy's partner in crime
  14. Mrs Roxy - Caramel Point
    Mrs Roxy - Caramel Point
    Twin with Rio and the naughtiest cat ever!